Executive Summary
BioChoice Co., Ltd.
Mahidol University

The company is established for developing biotechnology solutions to help Thailand maintain its agriculture leadership as "Kitchen of the World". The first product to be launched is "Bio Poultralac", an all-natural feed additive used for preventing diseases and promoting growth in chickens. Bio Poultralac will be a perfect substitute of antibiotics which will be banned by major chicken importing countries by January 2006.

TEAM SUPERVISOR: Mr. Edward Rubesch
TEAM MEMBERS: Ms. Chuleeporn Amornjitranont
  Mr. Teerawat Jaishuen
  Ms. Orawan Kruarattikan
  Ms. Bawornwan Noppun
Executive Summary
Video Distribution Network Limited
National University of Singapore

Acquisition of commercial video rights for Indian movies and establishing a franchise network to distribute these film rights to commercial video parlours throughout India.

TEAM SUPERVISOR: Dr. Lee Khai Sheang
TEAM MEMBERS: Mr. Kiran bhandari
  Mr. Himadri Bora
  Mr. Satish Iyengar
  Mr. Rajeev Panjwani
Executive Summary
LifeMed Biomedical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
National Institute of Development Administration

LifeMed is the first Thai company that will manufacture a biomedical substance to cure the symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency. Our bioengineered products will also improve the quality of life of Thai people suffering from the Wasting Syndrome of AIDS. We offer an affordable yet equally effective alternative to costly, imported growth hormones.

TEAM SUPERVISOR: Dr. Nittaya Vongtada
TEAM MEMBERS: Chitiwat Suprasongsin, M.D.
  Mr. Nirun Phornwatcharakul
  Ms. Chanikarn Tangtiwaporn
  Ms. Supatra Kanchanapusit
Executive Summary
Herb Club
Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University

Producer & marketer of a brand new herbal beverage called "Green Herb". "Green Herb" trade secret formula provides various health benefits that have been formulated to serve target market niche of the health conscious 'preventive lifestyles' market, a market that is growing rapidly worldwide not sufficiently served. The company will also operate retail stores to support customer education, building market segment, and to serve as customer relationship window.

TEAM SUPERVISOR: Dr. Krittinee Nuttavuthisit
TEAM MEMBERS: Mr. Fuangvich Aniruth-Deva
  Mr. Jongangsuk Boonyasirikul
  Mr. Nitithorn Tangsubkul
  Mr. Puttipong Poomsuwan

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