Executive Summary
PharmaSilk Company Limited
Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University

PharmaSilk was established to develop and commercialize pharmaceutical products derived from silk. Our primary product FibroCure, derived from the purification of the silk protein Fibroin, has outstanding cell regeneration properties that are well-suited for the treatment of deep and chronic wounds such as 'bedsores', diabetic ulcers, ischemic ulcers, burns, surgical wounds, and trauma wounds. We believe our product provides an effective and low cost alternative to existing solutions.

TEAM SUPERVISOR: Prof. Ian Fenwick
TEAM MEMBERS: Mr. Nick Pisalyaput
  Ms. Suwida Kingmuangkow
  Ms. Wisa Gavinlertvatana
  Mr. Tritecha Tangmatitham
Executive Summary
Green Lighting Limited
Bangkok University

GreenLighting Ltd. Is a producer, wholesaler and installer of electronic components, and the first product is IBT- an intelligent Ballast Technology device.IBT is a brand new electronic ballast used in fluorescent light fittings, and has proved to decrease lighting expenses with at least 40%. GreenLighting Ltd. will buy the license for production and sale of IBT in Asia and Ocean regions.

TEAM MEMBERS: Ms. Diana Skipnes
  Mr. Theophilus I. Amokwu
  Mr. Kristian Soerli
  Mr. Stein A. Kraakholm
Executive Summary
University of Malaya

PalmSource's Business is in the engineering & turnkey construction of micro-pulp mills using the newpaper™ process. The process utilizes oil palm biomass to convert into an eco-friendly source of pulp.

TEAM SUPERVISOR: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif HJ. Salleh
  Mr. Ashley Jerome Surin
  Dr. Leh Cheu Peng
  Mr. Tang Kok Mun
Executive Summary
Aptametrix Pte Ltd.
National University of Singapore

Aptametrix is based on fast emerging field of Genomics in Biomedical life science field. We are going to manufacture and sell medical diagnostic kits using DNA Aptamer Microarrays Technology. The diagnostic kits will be providing one step and fast diagnosis of multiple diseases with highest ever accuracy.

TEAM SUPERVISOR: Asst. Prof. Kowtha Rao
TEAM MEMBERS: Mr. Umang Goyal
  Mr. Rohit Kumar Verma
  Ms. Tejaswini Dhavali
  Mr. Animesh Mukherjee

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