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Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University
Executive Summary

BioPharma manufactures and markets Panicutin, the first modern medicine ever invented by a Thai research team, Mahidol University. Panicutin is used in the treatment of periodontal disease, offering an affordable yet effective alternative to imported antibiotics. Extracted from Andrographis Paniculata, a traditional Thai herb, Panicutin has shown 100% efficacy with no side effects in both phases of clinical trials.

Team Supervisor:  Dr. Ian Fenwick
Team Members: Ms. Chongco Sotipalalit
Mr. Nathasorn Boontanorm
Ms. Arisa Kamchokechai
Ms. Siremorn Supachanya

1st Runner-Up
EnvironTech Co.,Ltd.
National Institute of Development Administration
Executive Summary

Providing industrial waste treatment service by uppermost environmental friendly technology.

Team Supervisor:  Mr. Derk A. Sturgess
Team Members: Mr. Kaveesil Sirimaneetham
Ms. Wiyada Buranapakorn
Ms. Suchitra Permsukjarusup
Mr. Atthapong Sakunsriprasert

2nd Runner-Up
SiamTech Co.,Ltd.
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Executive Summary

This meat softening machine is an innovative product targeting to beef and pork industries. The technology used in this machine, called High Pressure Processing (HPP), has two effects: it softens the meat and increase the shelf life. The technology is already used in Japan and in Europe to increase the shelf life of orange juice and ham without using preservatives. This product demonstrates that a business venture machine using this technology and made in Thailand is both profitable and of benefit to the Thai economy.

Team Supervisor:  Mr. Prasert Sirisereewan
Team Members: Ms. Natthaporn Charoenporn
Ms. Paipan Vasarongrong
Mr. Anang Rohmawan
Mr. Thomas Fernandez

3rd Runner-Up
Thai Scent Co.,Ltd.
Chiang Mai University
Executive Summary

Thai Scent Co.,Ltd. offers health care products in terms of 100% pure essential oils from herbs which originate in Thailand. The product is targeting Chiang Mai population focusing on health-conscious consumers; both Thai and foreign as well as souvenir purchaser and expanding nationwide as a market leader.

Team Supervisor: Asst.Prof.Dr. Chirawan Chaisuwan
Team Members: Ms. Piyachat Kriwanit
Ms. Methawinee Jirattigalachote
Ms. Kranjanarak Utaigrairak
Ms. Pimpan Kanthakham

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