What are the expenses involved in participating in the competition?

The major expenses are your travelling costs only.  There is no registration fee to enter the competition and the competition organizers offer complimentary accommodation for all team members and one faculty advisor for the duration of the competition and associated events (total 5 nights: check-in 19th February 2020, check-out 24th February 2020). We also offer complimentary airport transfers (both in-bound and out-bound), however other transportation are the responsibility of the teams/universities themselves. Most meals are also provided for the duration of the competition.

Who can participate and how many members are allowed in a team?

All full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible to participate. Each team must contain TWO to FIVE members in total (excluding the faculty advisor). Each team may have ONE non-student member in the team essential to the venture.Each team must have the support of a faculty advisor from the institution the team represents. Should a team of students from multiple institutions wish to represent more than one institution, consent is required from a faculty advisor from each of the represented institution. For complete details of the team member combination possibilities, including comprehensive eligibility and official rules, please consult http://bbc.sasin.edu/rules.php

What is the voltage in Thailand and what type of plugs do I need?

The voltage in Thailand is 220 volt and we use 3-pin standard plugs (2 squares, 1 round).