Celebrate your Passion with RADEE


Feb 20, 2010

I look forward to more exciting developments in the 2010 and to seeing serendipity in many more faces!Thank you for helping Radee to launch and grow this year. I wish you a happy and prosperous 2010!

With warm wishes,

Makiko Yamashita
Radee Wine, Inc.

Radee wines were first introduced in American market in May this year. Since then, we developed a wonderful relationship with wine enthusiasts, wine food experts, wine merchants, restaurants, and a number of supporters who are passionate about unique quality products. Their support and advice have been crucial to our journey to introduce these exciting dessert wines. Through wine tasting events in California, Chicago, and New York, I met and spoke with many people. I saw many faces and expression transformed from skepticism to serendipity. This is the moment I enjoyed very much.

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