Hitotsubashi ICS and the mai Bangkok Business Challenge® @ Sasin, Thailand


Feb 20, 2012

Hitotsubashi ICS was represented by an international team, Jing “Grace” Zhou from China, Tendulkar “Ken” Vinayak from India, and Anthony Blotsky from the USA. The team was mentored by Prof. Michael Korver who teaches entrepreneurship-related courses, such as Entrepreneurial Management, at Hitotsubashi ICS.

The Hitotsubashi ICS team was awarded $1000 cash prize for qualifying into the semi-finals, and won the award for the “Highest Spirited” team. The trip and related expenses were generously subsidized by “Friends of Hitotsubashi ICS,” a foundation administered by Hitotsubashi ICS professor, Tish Robinson.

“Because the brightest and smartest from around the world are represented in this esteemed competition, our team was extremely excited to be at this forum. It was an invaluable experience to be able to pitch our business plan to industry experts, and to sharpen our entrepreneurial skills in the process,” said Ken Tendulkar.

The mai Bangkok Business Challenge @ Sasin is an annual competition in which institutions offering graduate programs in business administration in Thailand, Asia and the rest of the world can compete, learn from each other and foster stronger relationships. Hosted by the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University, this year’s competition is pioneering a new way of evaluating participants’ business plans by judging them not only for their venture’s economic soundness, but also for their abilities to address relevant social and environmental concerns. For more information, see http://www.bbc.in.th/index.php.

Source: http://www.ics.hit-u.ac.jp/news/hitotsubashi-ics-and-mai-bangkok-business-challenge-sasin-thailand


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